Fundraiser!!!!!! Show This Bird Some Love 11-12-12

King Henry’s Mango Chutney

Earlier this year, my brother Henry D Anderson of Dangriga, Belize passed away. He left behind two families. His first family is here in the US: older step daughter, Kiara, proud college graduate (2012) and oldest son Nyreh, 13 who is in the 8th grade. His second family lives in Placencia, Stann Creek:  younger step daughter, Caroline 9, Henry V, 4 and baby Isak, 2. As you can imagine, being a single mom is already difficult but even more so under these circumstances. So,as a family, the Andersons’ are coming together to raise some much need ca$h!


Available for shipping anywhere in the US, King Henry’s Chutney- 16 oz bottle for $10 plus shipping

This recipe was taught to us by my grandma so there is 50 years of experience going into this exquisite culinary delight! Our chutney is made of mangoes  sugar, spices, and habanero pepper. Traditionally, it is served with curry but we Caribbean people, of course, eat it with lots of other things. Serve it at your holiday party with cheese and crackers or jazz up your turkey dinner and serve chutney instead of cranberry sauce! You can even make ice cream with it! Buy a bottle fi you and then five more as gifts for your friends! 🙂


Not sure you like chutney but would like to contribute anyway? We would very much appreciate any amount you can spare. Every drop full di bucket!


For orders/donations, email me at for more information. We can accept money orders, cash and PayPal!


If you are anywhere the Twin Cities area,  join us on December 1st for hot tamales, $3 each, fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies, $1 each, $10 a dozen and Doc’s Famous Fruit Punch $3 a glass!

Thank you all for your continued support!