Just In! McAfee Wanted For Murder! 11-12-12 by Fayemarie Anderson Carter


John McAfee

Just when I thought all the hooplah was done with this man, here he is again in the news. According to Gizmodo, Marco Vidal, head of Belize‘s Gang Suppression Unit, has issued a warrant for the arrest of John McAfee, founder of the McAfee Anti-virus Software. He is wanted in connection with the murder of fellow American Expatriate, Greg Faull. Faull was found dead in his home on the island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye by his housekeeper early Sunday morning 11-10-12. Witnesses say that Faull had filed a complaint against McAfee last week accusing him of, among other things, firing off some guns. Reports indicate that McAfee has been exhibiting stranger and stranger behaviour, possibly explained by his own assertions written under the name “stuffmonger” on a Russian message board called “Bluelight” that he has been trying to purify bath salts. According to Gizmodo, he wrote “I’m a huge fan of MDPV,” he wrote. “I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.”