The Mishandling of Jasmine Lowe’s Investigation by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe – murdered victim of a child predator

Today I am overwhelmed with so many emotions.  I spoke to someone last night on the condition of anonymity (have not slept since then) who revealed some information about the investigation of Jasmine Lowe that causes me to believe that Belize is heading down a very dire path.  I trust this source, so I am going out on a ledge with my rant. When a state can no longer protect its citizens, people will become dangerous citizens of the state.

I was told that the forensic expert could not make a determination as to the cause of death just two days later. He did not extract any fluids from the child to conduct a DNA analysis. No fingernail analysis, no rape kit…nada.  I really cannot believe that “Mr. Death by asphyxiation” did not make at least that determination. In fact, in all my years I can remember, his “expert opinion” has mostly been inconclusive or asphyxiation, unless it is obvious the bullet is exiting the brain.

I have watched enough autopsy stories by Dr. Baden on HBO to know that Belize needs to start replacing inept and dysfunctional entities from top decision making position with post haste.    Two days later, they cannot extract evidence and the child is hurriedly buried?   What is the point of having an incompetent person leading our forensic investigation?  Does he lack the necessary up to date training? Has he seen so many dead bodies that each death means nothing more to him?  Is he just lazy and complacent?  Did this death inconvenience his schedule? WAKE UP! People are seriously upset over this child’s death and the authorities NEED to understand this.

I was also told  that the police contaminated the scene and failed to collect the tire track marks. They failed to effectively preserve the crime scene and trampled all over it. I heard they were playful and were slow to initiate the search for the child.  If I were the Minister of Police, heads would be rolling right now. Everyone would stand in my office and justify to me why they should keep their jobs!  People blame the lack of prosecution, but how can you prosecute incompetence before a trained  defense attorney?

The Government is setting themselves up for a dangerous vigilante society.  As a former resident of the Belmopan, Cayo District, I can tell you growing up in our small gossiping society, we have a close family bond with our kids and residents. How do you think John Saldivar won Belmopan? He is a product of Belmopan. We look out for each other and I know San Ignacio and Santa Elena are no different. We are NOT like Belize City (sorry my city residents) where someone’s worth is measured by placement in society or economic status. We love all our residents and this monster killed one of the well-loved children of the Cayo District society.

Here is the synopsis my Belizean authorities. Even if someone is caught, based on the information I received, he WILL NOT be prosecuted; there WILL BE NO death penalty.  The evidence seems to have been mishandled and trampled. The memory of an angel may remain just that, a fleeting memory. These complacent individuals have become robots and lack empathy when investigating.

Do not stare in the camera reassuring Belizeans that this perpetrator will be caught, knowing that the investigation at this stage is useless.  Someone go and get evidence from that child before it is too late.  Someone hire a new forensic expert and my God get the police who actually give a damn to investigate every death; the ones who believe each and every life is important.  Reach out to the US Embassy and British Embassy for expert help and not just vehicle donations. It sounds like the father of the child may be an American citizen, if that is the case, the US should have an interest in investigating this case.

I have made this child my spiritual daughter.  She is haunting my thoughts and dreams. I speak because she no longer has a voice.  She expects and demands that the authorities in Belize properly investigate this crime,  respect her memory and take this monster off the street. The clues are within her….

77 thoughts on “The Mishandling of Jasmine Lowe’s Investigation by: Aria Lightfoot

  1. Thanks for this piece. Heads cannot roll in the police department because of unionization. Those that would be penalized would holler victimization. Sadly, Dr Asphyxia is an incompetent police puppet. He is in the pockets of politicians, police and other criminals.
    There is no justice system in Belize. There rarely is any closure. Vigilante may not be a bad idea.
    Fed up!

  2. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once again.

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  6. God bless the Lowe Family, may they find the killer(s) and may justice be brought to little Jasmine Lowe. What a beautiful outgoing vibrant child, that could of been a great mother, supporter, sales women…. Undoubtably she was a great daughter, friend, leader, she must have been full of excitment and ambitions in life. I remember what it’s like to be young to be discovering one’s identity…. intrigued by exploration, steadfast in determination, hopeful in circumstances, eager to learn it all. Makes me think what could a child have possibly done, that would make someone want to take her life!??!?? It bothers me so just think about it, my deepest sympathy for her father Mr. Lowe who had to burry his daughter before his time came. No parent wants to burry there child. These crimes need to stop against the children, women and innocent people in Belize, Maybe If everyone would join together and speak out for every single crime or odd behaviors; (maybe even a anonymous hotline) and if the police dept. could find fundings to help mount survalliance cameras outside, maybe these crimes would go down, because I dont for one second believe it has, i believe people are fearful to speak out and lost hope in the poilce. I believe they think “Who will protect us, if we look for help in those who can not? ” but much viloence is commited in circumstances where there is too little of. Its “Lacking”, the lacking of resources, agriculture, sales, and education leads a dark unstabble passage for the youth, we must go out of our way sometime and try to help those types of communities. Hopefully someone comes foward and speaks out and the police dept. does the right thing and ask for international help from more developed countries to gain more evidence and forensics, in this case and others, at any means neccesary; send letters out to corporations, organizations, hell the United Nations… any where that can help. I know for a fact being a U.S citizen Forenesic Pathologist in the United States are extremily more knowledgable, experienced and are equipt with the best technological advances. I just want something to be done, because what has happened can not be undone, and Jasmine’s life would of been for not, an dthe killer is still out there living his. I pray his guilt eats at him.But most of these monsters are unremorseful. It is a scary thought to not know if the persone who is a criminal, murdered, or sex offender is walking amongst your children, you, your love ones, and is staring at them as possible victims, not only are beautiful lives beigng taken then but the security of a community, the oppresion it brings on it’s people. It is truley sad when justice and closure can not be obtained, and even worse when everyone knows it. Again God Bless Christopher Lowe and his family that mourns for her lose, i mourn with you , you are a strong man, and I will continue to pray for you and do as much as i can to help.

  7. with the right mind and right direction people……. we must understand that all is not lost! We have created many mistakes and upon covering them you must know that marks will stay! lets wake up and smell the stench we have created……. I say we as ALL Belizeans who really give a damn! Forget politics and who is responsible, responsibility starts at home and definitely cannot be minded to stay at home when our privacy have been invaded!…. The criminals do their HOMEWORk they are on top of things! being a criminal does’nt come over night…… as they need to plan, rehearse and make their perfect strategy……….. in this same manner we MUST be prepared and do our homework!!!!!!!!! Stop pointing fingers and if you are smart enough you would wake up and get yourself prepared! I have children and no one will come and hurt them if i can do anything about it!!!!!! the power is in each and all of us! its either we get and do something or spend all day writing and writing and doing absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is why Belizeans should have voted for a new Prime Minister. This guy does not care about the people, only money. We need to get people like Patty Arceo who really have feeling for people and the good of the country. I do not live in Belize but was really sadden wen I heard Barrow would continue his curruption of the country. People this is where it starts, the head of the country has to be a good one, you all have not elected a good head. Wake up!!!!!!

    A good leader should have addressed this. Belize is really going down the drain. I can see this every time I visit home. It is getting hard to even think of visiting as the years go by. This should be a concern for you all. Not good!!!

    • This is not a political platform jumping off board. A child is dead. Children were dying when PUP was in power. Children are dying now UDP is in power. This discussion is about finding solutions.

    • Well if we are not to blame the people that we put in power to protect us then I guess we are to blame ourselves for not going out and looking for this monster before he has a chance to kill again. I have a daughter and believe me if I was in this same situation this scumbag had better kill himself or pray that the incompetent police department stumble across him before I can get to him. We live forever through our children for they are our legacy the only part of us that is proof positive that we were here on this what has now become a God forsaken earth and when we allow our future to be snuffed out like this then we have no reason to be alive.
      I agree that this should not be a matter of politics but it should be a realization that what we vote for and what our tax dollars pay for is nothing. We look to our leaders for protection and they are elected to office because they promise/lie us that they will have our best interest at heart. As Martin Luther King Junior said “we have guided missiles and misguided men”, but I am not too sure about the misguided part as their guidance comes from their own greedy interests and their motivation is not guided towards the good of the people. We need to stop looking at these selfish wastes’ of tax dollars for any sort of guidance or protection and we need to come together as communities and a nation and start making our own justice. Bad things happen when good men do nothing and I believe that it is time to show these child killing human garbage that we will not take it anymore. As for the police this doesn’t surprise me I know of one police officer that was dating a 15 year old and when she tried to break it off with him he beat and raped her. She went to his commanding officer because no one wanted to take a statement from her at the station and he called the officer in question in to his office and they both convinced the child that it was not a good move on her part to pursue the matter and so with that in mind I hope you get a clearer picture as to how some members of the police force view crimes against minors. We the people of this great nation are at the mercy of the criminals and the people in power that aid and abet them; God save us all.

    • FYI…you are not in the country so why are u worried…you are high and dry where you are…be quite…people here know the problems and it would be good if you shut up for heavens sake…!

    • When ever we get these negative comments it is undone by the many more positive ones. You can tune out anytime you don’t want to hear us.

    • Comments like this break my heart bc we didnt create the circumstances that caused us to leave….many of us have to leave in order to create a living in order to support our families left in Belize….if it weren’t for my American dollars, my nieces and nephews would starve many a day….I understand your resentment but you need us whether you like it or not…we have knowledge, expertise, money, access to resources and we do understand the problems…we grew up there remember? And there is also something we have that many Belizeans have lost: HOPE. We are able to look in from the outside and see the potential where all you might see are problems and obstacles…Don’t hate. Cooperate. FAC

  9. A reward needs to be given. Private citizenry can start their own forensic pathology practice n crime stat lab with donations as long as they bring the bodies. If needed it can be done chet amd guat chemicals are cheap.

    • it’s ok…we all have or will or still are…and then please let’s keep the pressure on because our children are depending on us to get this right.

  10. It is a sad situation where having a degree is not really important in bze anymore. Even the dogs can be doctors, police and laboratory technicians. It’s all a matter of politics. Sad story ending in corruption and people doing whatever they choose without any kind of leadership.

  11. Its a shame how the law enforcement work in our country or what the hell is the law for the police man I think the police man are not doing their jobs how they suppose to be doing it.They’re just there to get a pay check and sitting back and what they should be doing is protecting the people in our country and children.You call them and make a report to them and they don’t even go and investigate is like they don’t even care of listening to you when your making the report.I’m a mother and a belizean citizen and I have experience how the law enforcement don’t give a shit about investigating when I have made a report about my sister(aunt) was beating up my son I told them to arrest her and did they care I want to know what if yes if my sister had beat up my son to his death who will I blame for …….. as a mother the only person my son have to defend him from anybody who wants to harm or hurt him I have all the rights and I don’t care if I’ll climb up the highest mountains or swim across the big sea for that person to be behind jail I will so its so sad how the law enforcement defend our rights in law to protect our belizean citizen and our children of belize.The police mans need to do their jobs the right way.

  12. Same thing happened two summers ago. A Palloti graduate, Nisa Pipersberg, went missing and was found within a week of her graduation. Police did not get the tire marks and tampered with the evidence. Her body was found in a very late stage of decomposition as well. I do agree that we need a new forensic pathologist. Belizeans need to see change and justice. I am very disappointed in our country and its leader, but I am happy people are finally beginning to make a stand now. Sadly they needed the death of this little girl to wake them up.

    • I think that people have tried to have their voices heard but they have been afraid, with good reason, of losing their jobs or being harassed. But now, people have seen that keeping quiet or hoping things will change hasn’t made anything different. Frankly, people are fed up and feel abandoned, so they are taking matters into their own hands…and let’s not underestimate the global reach of the internet. Belize can no longer hide her corruption…everyone is watching and sharing and now there are many eyes open and many voices raised. I am sorry to hear about Nisa. We will be compiling a list of unsolved murders to try and shed some new light and relight the fires on the path to justice for our children. FAC

  13. There are so many cases that Police never resolved. And never the less, they have not put in efforts for investigation. So many cases that of the murders that the accused get away and so many are wrongly charged. There is no justice in the country of Belize. If anyone believes that there is, wish you luck on that. I had lived there for so many years and seen too much of it. Once you got money to hire a good lawyer you get away with murder. And if you would be depending on the police to do the work, it is better you do your own. Because even you get your work done and hand it over to them, they will tell you, sorry we can not take the complain. I have seen it my own eyes, that I was waiting to making a report to the police and was at police station waiting for one police to take my report, and while waiting, there were about 5 police there, not doing anything but chatting with each other. Then there are 2 other persons comes into the office to make reports also. Every single of the police officer in there says they are busy and they have to sit and wait like I did, which I was waiting more than half an hour to see if anyone would take my statement. By the time, I decided I am walking out, which is almost hour and half, none of the officers would take any statement from me and I gave up and leave, but these same 5 officers are still sitting there chatting and talking about the news and jokes about here and there. And there are ppl waiting for making reports. We were paying taxes to pay for the police who should be working while on duty not to just sit there and chat about their boss and their co workers personal business. I really have to say, no matter what kind of vehicles they get, they will never change. If they are not going to be discipline their own force well then it is just the same rotten apple inside but with new cars, that will not change anything.

    • obviously they do not understand that they work for US. Well make no mistake, they will get that message loud and clear now because all the voices are joining as one big loud ROAR

  14. Also – why haven’t the police put out a call through all the media channels related to Jasmine’s phone. If Mr Lowe could release a description of it – the make, colour, any pictures or music saved on it, anything to distinguish it – yes many phones look the same but ask anybody who sees someone they know that suddenly acquired a phone fitting that description. Also can’t the phone companies track it if is is turned on and within range? Maybe whoever answered is innocent and not involved – they could have simply “innocently” picked it up from the back the same taxi that Jasmine took for example – but they could still provide vital information. The police are useless. A 5 year old could do a better job investigating.

    • The problem facing our justice system is enormous…even when police officers would like to do the right thing, there is poor leadership, training and lack of resources…we need to make it a priority as a nation.


  16. It’s really hard and heart breaking to hear all these things happening in Bze and I do agree that if the police do not handle cases the way they should then citizens take over! I would hunt down that bastard and let him pay for wat he’s done and no mercy on him!!!! These are our kids and who else to protect them and get justice but us! Disappointed at Government and they all need to b replaced immediately by those who do care.

    • It is so sad that it will come done to this unavoidable scenerio, but too many of our precious Belizian girls are dying and nothing is being done to put yhe killers behind bars,and even if they are caught,they get these high powered lawyers to get them off.It’s a great shame ,the bible says that anyone who harms or offend a child and that it would have been better if that person had not been born, also that a millstone be placed around his neck and he be tossed into the bottom of the sea. “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY,HANG THE BASTARDS,CASTRATE THEM FIRST THE HANG THEM!!!”

  17. I do like the blog. Interesting enough is Dr Estradaban ‘expert’ findings and no forensic gathering of evidence. This is outright shameful for numerous children being murdered in a similar manner and yet there is no profiling. It is a damn shame these departments come to rational judgements when they dont care about the well being of the families involved. I do agree the US Embasy should be of assistance and any other outside agencies. I hope we can get some relief with someone being arrested/charged/ and found guilty for this hideous crime.

  18. Your Article is saying alot, but it went sour when you started to bash People from “The City” but i must say that we need better….not even better more trained and Qualified persons to handle murder cases…we even need more Qualified Ministers in each of these Dep….But all in all Belize is in a huge mess and we all don’t band together and stop it the Government won’t so i think we have to make the changes on our own i.e Neighborhood watch, etc

    • Sorry for that. But Belize City had a lot of kids missing and killed by a murderer or gun violence. It is societal difference. In the outiside limits of te city, people become very angry and organized when a child is involved. It was an bitter truth observation. AL

    • I apologize for that. My colleague has strong feelings about Belmopan bc she is from there as well as she worked in Belize City in Prosecution for years and was witness to many gross miscarriages of justice…The over all point she continue to makes is that we need change and we need it now. FAC

  19. thank you for making this bold move that most or in this case all previous victims were scared to do i support you 100 percent our country needs to do some major investments if we wannna knw and have this same belize as is twenty years from now…. :}

    • Please continue to show your support by sharing this with your friends…we have got some momentum…let’s maximize it to the fullest…also follow Mary K Cariddi and Sharon Marin Lewis on FB…they are also trying to follow up on this tragedy. FAC

  20. An order of exhumation may be the next best move with possibly professional external assistance. that if we seriouly expect a meaningful result.

  21. Thank you for being a voice…it seems there is just no accountability in Belize anymore. If we don’t find justice for this little girl (just like we didn’t find justice for Jackie Malic) then we are in essence saying “feel free to hurt our children, you’re not going to get in trouble for it”…I am so disillusioned with Belize atm, the corruption abounds. Hubby wants to go back to retire, I’m just not sure anymore.

    • Many of us BelAms feel the same…we want to go home and rebuild our country but without the safety net of a competent police force, can we take the risk? I have children so for me the answer is no. FAC

    • Not to start an argument, but you BelAms leaving in the first place is partly to blame for our present downward spiral. Many of the children you see involved in crime come from homes where poor ole Grandma has been left to mind them while Mom is with Uncle Sam supposedly trying to make a better living. And us fathers, we have utterly failed our children and society. Part taking in the public discussion is good. But we need your presence back home, on the ground, fighting the good fight. Come and run for office, or organize a movement. Use your first world skills and training at home and help us out.

    • We would like but we have first world bills that third world money can’t pay for…my student loans amt to $60,000 US with a monthly payment of $800 US. How would I ever pay that back? I never planned on staying here in the states but love stepped in. I married an American and made my life here. So I am doing what I can from here. I take care of my children here AND I help take care of nieces and nephews there…I try to impart my knowledge and skills re mental health issues and I try to be a support system to anyone who needs it. We are doing what we can. Aria and I lend our voices to people who are too intimidated by the system to talk. They have real concerns about losing their jobs or facing police harassment. There is an advantage to us being out of reach. FAC

    • Ah – Ahem – excuse me …but yu ever see how long Western Union line is? Check it out sometime. It’s we the BelAms Moms busting our a$$e$ off to help feed not only ole Grandma and the kids but quite a large part of the BZE population.

    • I was going to mention that if there was a rebuttal to my previous comment…I don’t want to fight with the person who made the comment bc it is a valid observation but you’re also right…and I did imply that when I said that i take care of my nieces and nephews…most BelAms have someone or someones asking for stuff allllll the time…all those prom dresses have to come from somewhere right? We all have to be very loving/respectful to/of each other because it is the state of affairs that cause many of us to HAVE to leave…in other words we are all “right” on this one…

    • I understand your anger but I do ask that we not act as monstrously as they do…we need to create a movement that will once and for all change our justice system. Share this page and “like” our page to show that our voice is getting louder and wont go away. FAC

  22. I personally believe that the minister of police,(and I wrote it in small caps), need to be sensitive and knowledgeable in his portfolio. This man knows nothing about policing and is ignorant to the pain that people are feeling presently. This is a shameless crime, the citizens are angered by the development of the investigation, which when not done right is a crime as well!

    I do not care where the father is from, it is a child and she deserved life, a full and fruitful life; one of learning, loving, caring and sharing. This little girl I do understand was this type of person that had a bright future ahead of her. Please Mr. Minister learn, study, ask, be sensitive, empathetic, and get off your butt and start to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She absolutely was a wonderful child with a deep sense of community and a blossoming work ethic. She was already a contributing member of society. What has happened with her investigation is truly a heartbreaking testimony on our inept police force.

    • completely agree. some of my colleagues with associates degrees are looking into it. I applaud that, but will the government be willing to do a mass exodus of incompetence? The problem is a lot deeper too, even in top ministries, such as the attorney general’s, there is a whole lot of that

  23. Bloody well written and spot on. Sometimes people only think all these things but are scared to get their voices out there where it really matters. Glad someone else out there is making waves as well.

    • That is what we are here to do…please continue to show your support by spreading the birdflew and share our page with others. We hope to create a tsunami of voices that cannot be ignored so that our Belize is not lost to greed, corruption and apathy. and “like” our facebook page please. Thank you. FAC

  24. First of all i want to say my condolences to the lowe family they are in deep pain i do knw that,second cayo is so small that somebdy had to have seen something to come up and talk…please if anybody saw anything the smallest thing it well hellp the police to..they need to put more police onn the streets to keep down thie crime that stay the happen,we need to get some real c.s.i investegaters in this country to get our murders and crimes solved..a angel is gone for nothing its sad realy…please prime minster please look in this matter give us some more hope for our childern a Belize…in that a say,rest in piece my angel jasmen lowe….

    • Indeed. I am sure we all know more than we think we know. This is someone among us and there was an accomplice, a female voice answering Jasmine’s cell phone. So someone out there knows. And I promise you that this angel will not be gone for nothing. She is our daughter and we will not let this go. Aria and I are going to continue to look not only into this case but others as well. This is enough. And thank you for showing your support. Please share the page with your friends and “like” our facebook page. FAC


    • We have started to do that ….take matters in out hands.. and we won’t stop… The Police better get him before we do, caz he will not make it to court!!!!!

    • I understand your outrage but I implore you to be a part of a bigger movement to get rid of this shit of a justice system once and for all. We need follow through and that means money for lawyers and legislation and demanding better standards. FAC

    • I can only imagine the fear, anxiety and the frustration…please continue to show your support by sharing this page with your friends. We are trying our best to keep up with all the news, updates and community initiatives and pass it on to you. Dont forget the vigil in front of the Police Station tomorrow in San Ignacio at 7pm…bring your candle and wear a white tshirt.

  26. Yesterday I was asked by a friend of the family to go to the gas station by the bridge and copy the security camera footage of Jasmine getting into the taxi and also to swing by A&R and pick up some stills of the same taxi. I was astounded.. Surely these computer hard drives would have been seized by the police? I regretfully refuse as although I was quite capable of doing this, I am not a police officer, I was not willing to potentially damage and chain of evidence, and jeopardise any chance of this footage being used in court.
    Come on Police. Do your jobs. Seize and secure these computers now.

  27. Belize as an extremely miss of education, learn technique, training and especially for officers. Who in fact our days our officer have a better life to rob a bank…. Our passage from a small country who used to be a third world country to a developed country is not followed by our justice. Btw if they will found the guy by seen or talk …will not spend no time in jail as no witness… Etc etc…. We need to wake up be in street and scream that us citizen want better and to accept than our goal is to train our priority police justice …. And to teach the bad guy how to respect he police…hum as it is so low almost in existant. It will take long I just hope than one day we will achieve.

    My worry as I have seen it so often already, if train come along we need to learn how to learn and pass it along… Example…… A simple one….. One day one office learn how to type a form for ay uses with a computer….. And you when you need that form in any office you find a copy of copy of copy… Meaning the form was given to other offices not the way how to get do it, or even to pass via computer…. And teach how to save as, and print…. Laugh…. I know but so true…..

    In Belize city for driver license I have to wait two month as the type writer I said so type writer is broken and they can’t find the part to b to fix it…. And Belmopan is not ready to pay for the part as they is yet no receipt as part not buy yet…… Hum don’t you think the entire country should have commuter instead of a type writer to type our driver licenses…… My English is not good when I am mad…. But I can laugh… I wish I could be hired by GOB to go teach office how to be a administrative teacher of use of easy task …..

    • I so appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with us. My experience was similar and my frustration levels were off the charts. We have so far to go and we are constantly trying to play catch up. BUT this right here with regards to Jasmine Lowe is beyond any level of understanding and tolerance for third world incompetence. I am horrified at how this case has been handled. It is one thing to have a horrible crime such as this occur but then to have no recourse because of mishandling is an outrage and just absolutely unacceptable.

  28. Aria…thank goodness you had the courage to write this article! The incompetence and continuing cover ups of the Police department has been an ongoing disturbing aspect of our society for decades. This case, the case of the four year old child in Belize city and the case of the 2 boys in the north, not to mention the many more the public doesn’t know about…(the latter 2 whom were certainly sexually molested)…were all handled irresponsibly and in some instances clearly with misleading motives.
    1) The 4 year old girl’s fluids were sent abroad for DNA testing said the Former Police Minister Doug Singh then when pushed for answers…almost 5 months later he revealed that their were no DNA tests done and that IF molested she was….. by a FINGER!!!!l Like that makes it better?????? To add salt to the womb…the child mother’s character was called into question… transferring blame!

    2) Then there is the case of the 2 boys who were repeatedly sexually violated and I would go as far as saying were used as sex slaves for an apparent US missionary. After finding the courage to come forward, exposing this devil, and having to live with this stigma for the rest of their lives our Belize court system found it necessary to grant bail to the molester not once but TWICE! To understand the feeling of betrayal those boys must feel is impossible!

    Not to mention the fact that some describe sexual abuse as a continuing cycle. So it’s safe to say that many of the victims of abuse grow up to be abusers themselves; if intense therapy is not received! Our system is not making any efforts to punish these perpetrators so in effect there is NO deterrent.
    Sexual abuse and pedophilia is rampant in Belize and unless we as citizens take a bold step in demanding severe punishments for the abusers and therapy for the victims…this disgusting cycle of abuse will continue!

    My condolences to Jasmine’s family.

    • Too much rhetoric in both the post and the comments.

      The facts are simple though awfully sad.
      The state of forensic science in Belize is a shame and a disgrace.
      It is an institutional as well as a societal problem. On the institutional level no major steps are being undertaken to improve, update or expand our current procedures, facilities and personell in forensic science. The same can be said of the training and standard of our Police Force.

      It is a societal issue because as a society we do not bring the people we elect to task on these issues . And that goes unto a whole discussion on the nature of politics which I won’t bother getting into.

      As for the comment about sexual abuse victims going unto becoming abusers themselves. It’s a myth I hope disappears into the ether where it belongs. Victims of sexual abuse are no more prone to be abusers than the general population. What they are far more prone to is to suffer from any number of effects such as fear, anxiety, depression, anger and hostility, aggression, and sexually inappropriate behavior. Frequently reported long-term effects include depression and self-destructive behavior, anxiety, feelings of isolation and stigma, poor self-esteem, difficulty in trusting others, a tendency toward revictimization, substance abuse, and sexual maladjustment.

    • Look Incredulous….it may just be rhetoric to you BUT people are finally letting their voices be heard and we have to respect that.. as frustrated as you may feel, nothing ever gets done without the people. This is what WE can do: write, discuss and agitate for change so while we appreciate your input, kindly show your support by joining our effort, sharing our page and our message and putting your money where your mouth is. There are groups springing up all over facebook right now trying to address this poor child’s death and the shit crap investigation that followed. Mary K Cariddi is making several proposals re new legislation for identifying taxis and their drivers for one, while Sharon Marin Lewis is calling for another autopsy. As per the “myth” about victims becoming perps…that is not a myth…not every perp may have been a victim as there are some straight up socio/psychopaths BUT many times abusers of any type do turn out to be abusers themselves in some capacity. Please continue to show your support for change and those who are actually trying to do that. FAC

    • I do my fair share and am active within my community. And I agreed with all your points, just not necessarily the way in which they were conveyed. Rhetoric has its place but we need to start looking at the facts to figure out the solutions.

      And yes survivors do become abusers in some capacity, I can concede to that but not SEXUAL abusers themselves. As a survivor of sexual abuse and one whose met many others who have dealt with this as well, its a HUGE distinction to make. Less than half of all sexual abusers are victims of sexual abuse and those represent an even smaller percentage of all sexual abuse victims.

      The truth is that the overwhelming majority of adults sexually abused as
      children do not go on to become sex offenders. If molesting children were
      the sole cause of child sexual abuse, we would have reached, exponentially,
      100 percent of the population as sex offenders years ago. Being sexually
      abused as a child does not cause someone to sexually abuse another.

      According to research conducted using polygraph tests, convicted sex
      offenders were twice as likely NOT to have experienced sexual abuse as
      children. In other words, only one in three had been sexually abused as a
      child. What they had in common in much higher numbers was a pattern of
      thinking errors that told them that they had a right to do whatever they
      wanted for their own gratification; that although they molested children, it
      wasn’t really their fault and that the children brought the abuse on

    • Thanks for sharing your info…while all that is valid information…I am not sure that it helps in this moment to get the laws changed with regards to how cases are investigated in Belize…that is the primary focus here…I’m not sure I agree with your categorizing everything that is being said as “rhetoric”. Much is being done very quickly because of this case. Have you read any of the info regarding that? for example…Jasmine’s Law? or Jasmine Alert or the petition to get a second autopsy done? Please peruse the articles in which we provided all this information. And then lend us your support by sharing with others. Thank You. FAC

    • Thank you for sharing all this with us….we are working on creating a page for missing children and we will be examining the course of events/investigation etc re each case in order to try and bring light to this crisis plaguing our babies. Please help us garner support by sharing our link with your friends….together our voices can be a deafening roar against corruption and negligence….FAC

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