Ms. June Heusner- Making a difference by: Aria Lightfoot



Belize is faced with the most turmoil I can remember since Independence.  Some people have predicted a dire future for our youths and country. Sometimes it may appear in the backdrop of a diminished economic climate, wavering values, corruption and a failing justice system the future seems uncertain.  However, as long as there is life there is hope. There are people who are fighting for Belize.  There are grass root activists in our communities whose work goes unnoticed, unappreciated or under-appreciated.

This month on Twocanview, I want to highlight an unsung Belizean hero, a fighter, an advocate, a mother, grandmother, godmother and second mother to many people who have the opportunity to know her.  I would like to introduce you to Ms. June Heusner.  A woman I admire immensely and have adopted as my second mother.  A woman ions ahead of her time, a trailblazer in her own right.

Ms. June, as she is affectionately known, has that special something.  She is a Belizean patriot, She has a passionate love for Belize, she is genuine, she is a fighter and she believes in her causes.  She is a community leader, she is respected by just about everyone in my generation and almost every resident of Belmopan has encountered Ms. June Heusner through her many hats she has worn throughout the years.

If you are not from Belmopan, you probably have never heard of Ms. June Heusner.  A very jovial, caring, passionate soul; a single mother who successfully raised four daughters on her own and a political secret weapon for the United Democratic Party in Belmopan.

Ms. June was not always the community activist.   She was a secretary in the Public Service and a young single mother with 3 daughters. She recalls being a card holding member of the PUP in her teenage years but defected during Heads of Agreement of 1981.  Her decision to take a moral and patriotic stand during time and protest the controversial agreement cost Ms. June her job, some associates and friends in Belmopan, a predominantly conservative public service community.   It was brave of her to step outside her comfort zone, risk her job security, friends,  and future to fight for what she deeply believed in.  That moment in Belize’s history sparked something in Ms. June that lives today.  Today Belizeans may be faced with a similar quandary with the ICJ vote.

As a community activist, Ms. June’s fulfillment is increasing the quality of life of those around her.  She has contributed immeasurably to the youth population in Belmopan.  She spearheaded Brownies, the Girl Guides, Rangers, and she formulated the most fun and positive youth group of my generation. She has been on the Board of RECONDEV in Belmopan; Manager of Convention Hotel and today she is manager, owner and operator of “Sunshine” daycare where she has provided and still providing care for hundreds of Belmopan children.

Ms. June’s daughter, Tiffany, recounted fond memories when they were in Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers. Ms. June would raise funds to take them camping in different places in Belize. They would visit Mountain Pine Ridge, the Caves, Orange Walk, and Corozal. She recalls getting to places in cane trucks and pick up backs…Ms. June had them performing community services and organizing rallies. Ms. June’s energy was endless and positive.

I recall in my teenage days in Belmopan, Ms. June would have us painting the hospital, tree stumps, planting, beautifying Belmopan; visiting Salvapan (now Maya Mopan), when it was nothing but a trail into bushes, so we could to help families who were destitute.  My first summer job was working with Ms. June.  Every year as a teenager, Ms. June would take our youth group to St. George’s Caye for an unforgettable Easter week.  Ms. June would raise funds; reach out to just about every person she knew to make the trip happen. One year we went to Belize City in a big dump truck, and then one of her fishermen brothers took us out to the Cayes. Out at the Cayes, we had no running water, no toilets, no electricity, no stove or refrigerator- and it was the best week of our lives. Writing this piece I realize Ms. June kept quite a few youths involved in so many projects that we did not have time to become bored and menaces.

In 1992 Ms. June introduced me to the political arena, a place I find much fascination. She had me on the campaign trails, attending conventions, speeches, and going door-to-door campaigning.  Her energy and drive is contagious.  The small unprofessional team worked hard and planned their campaign strategy while I listened with amazement. It felt like a race, the rush of being involved. This campaign trail experience was priceless. Our candidate won by one vote.

Ms. June is a straight shooter and has gained the trust of many who reach out to her  for her advice.  I believe she was pivotal in John Saldivar winning the General Election of 2012.  Many Belmopan residents I spoke to see John as arrogant and aloof, but Ms. June counters that with a proven trust she has earned in different sectors in the Belmopan Community over her many years of community activism.  I recall on election night I was sitting in Belmopan at Ms. June’s house as she celebrated the win of the UDP.  That night, John became unreachable by phone, John did not take the time that night to thank her or her campaign team, immersed deeply in his victory I guess.

Speaking to Ms. June, she utters some disappointments in the way she is treated at times but she remains a faithful soldier to the cause.  I would tease Ms. June and tell her that she should be living in a big house, with lots of money- but I know Ms. June does not do what she does for personal gain.  She has children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews. A future of opportunities is what she wants for her children. Ms. June also believes that women are important in our society.  Women raise children and are the hallmark of many families; a woman’s self-esteem is key to providing a strong family unit and building our future in Belize.

Ms. June taught me very important lessons.  The love of Belize is key to build it; youths are important and they can make a difference, the love of people regardless of their standing in society, and spirit of perseverance.  Ms. June never expects anything in return and for the most part, she gets nothing tangible. However, Ms. June beams with pride when any of her hundreds of kids achieves, or make a difference in society; she bawls when any of her kids passes away, like Keino recently.

I have tremendous admiration for Ms. June Heusner.  In our society we don’t realize the people who are always doing for the simple fact that they are always doing.  We don’t realize their impact because they continue to silently toil; we don’t appreciate their efforts because we don’t care; we don’t say thank you because we think they are obligated. Well thank you Ms. June Heusner for all you have contributed to Belmopan, you are appreciated and loved by many who know you.   Irrespective of your political, religious or social leanings, you can make an impact in your community and Ms. June proves it daily. “A small act of kindness is more powerful than a thousand bowed head in prayers.

Finally…The Bapist Church Responds But Is It Just A Strategic Delay? by Fayemarie A Carter

Broken Trust

After meeting with Willacey and the mother of child accusing Willacey of having an inappropriate sexual relationship, the Belmopan Baptist Church has placed Willacey on a 15 day suspension. Willacey will not be in school or on the pulpit. According to their policy, Willacey must be charged within these 15 days or he will be reinstated without prejudice. On the other hand, The Education and Training Act of 2010’s only child protection clause is that it is the responsibility of management…

Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber has expressed concern about the situation and made a plea to the Baptist Church to “deal with the matter swiftly” but he also cautions that there is nothing the Ministry can do “to punish” the Baptist Church should they fail to comply with this request.

Hmmmmmmmmm…..why are we acting like we have never confronted this sort of situation before? By his own admission, the Minister stated that there are many instances of this type.  Why are there no safeguards in place against this kind of shit? What do you mean the Ministry can do nothing to protect our children in SCHOOL?????? All  students within a secondary school system should enjoy  the protective arm of the law and the Ministry of Education. What sort of message does this send to predators and victims? Why are we not charging him with rape of a minor since this relationship is over a year in duration, as already established by emails and texts? What happened to enforcing the sexual harassment laws???

I just feel like there is much hemming and hawing and wringing of hands that ultimately will lead to nothing.

Link to Channel 7 News:

PUP Speaks Against Recent Allegations Involving Baptist Pastor

The full text of what the PUP’s UWG said on August 21 – August 21, 2012
Press Release
The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party is appalled by the recent reports of sexual misconduct of adult men with minors, by persons in positions of trust and authority; and in particular by the matter involving the Principal and Pastor of the Belmopan Baptist School and Church who has confessed to being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage female student and church member.
The UWG finds this report against this individual very disturbing. At a time when our young people are faced with lack of opportunities and positive role models, those in positions of authority entrusted as the guardians of the welfare of our children and youth, must not betray this trust for their own selfish gratification.
The UWG condemns in the strongest terms, any exploitation, sexual, physical, emotional or economic of Belizean youth. We deplor

e any conduct that preys on upon our women, youth and children.
The UWG calls on the Ministry of Education, the Belize Association of High School Principals, the Baptist Association of Belize and the Belize Council of Churches to act swiftly and decisively in dealing with this matter; and to immediately implement appropriate measures to ensure that such actions doo not re-occur within the school and church systems in Belize.
The UWG encourages all Belizeans to continue to advocate in the most vigorous manner for the protection of our children to keep them free from all forms of exploitation and abuse.=ENDS=

Daily Dingleberry 08-18-12 Vile Wiles: Pastor Willacey Accused of Having Sex With a Minor Student At His School

Norman Willacey

Taken from a transcript of the news as reported by Channel 5:


Voice of Mother of Belmopan Baptist High School Student

“He is a preacher, he is a principal, he comes to my house and he does counsel about the bible with my children and my daughter—my boys as well as my daughter. I trusted this man to the tip because I said he was a preacher. There were signs but I ignored this because I trusted this man with my child okay. And she and I were having a lot of difficulty. So different times, I was telling this man different things that she was doing and saying and how she was acting out. And he was using these same things come to find out against me with her and turning her more against me. When I was putting her on punishment about something, he was telling her how jealous I was of her because she has this fine body and I’m an old lady and I don’t. He’s telling her things as a councilor, as a man. I trusted him. So many times, she stayed back at school making up grades because she was behind with grades. I let him be there with her because I trusted this man.”


These are the words of a mother betrayed by a man in authority- a man of the cloth, a man in charge of an entire school filled vulnerable minds and bodies. Norman Willacey, a married man, pastor and principal of Belmopan Baptist High School is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor female student for the past year. Several things are immediately, glaringly wrong-  oh like:  older man in authority, minor student, preacher…but it gets worse. When the mother presented the complaint, complete with proof in the form of hard copies of emails detailing sexually explicit conversations between her daughter and Willacey, nothing was done. She presented all this to Child Protective Services and after getting no response, felt compelled to take her allegations to the media. It seems to have had the desired effect and she has been informed that an investigation has now begun.


Wondering what preacher man had to say? In a text to Channel 5, he said the following:

“She priduced a facebook conversation from about easter break while we were messing arond. I Deleted my copy and repented an told her to do d same immediately. she didnot an that is what will be published tonight and that is what jules said is damaging me as a public and authority figure.” 

Sounds like a confession doesn’t it? It also sounds like he seems to think that repenting should do the trick. I am just stunned at the casual way he has chosen to handle this but grateful too because it seems that he will make it easy for prosecutors. I hope that this poor mother and child recover from this gross injustice and that the church does the right thing and kick this wolf in sheep’s clothing from its flock.


For full transcripts, click the links:



Another Victim of Vehicular Homicide Just Buried Under Complacency And Old School Bullshit by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

Ken Emmanuel

Ken Emmanuel was one of them, a Police Constable who risked his life in service to his people everyday. But instead of justice being sought for his death, the “good old boys club” is wielding its influence and he is just another dead black boy not worth worrying about. I mean who is going to demand justice in his name? His dad and his mom are already dead. I don’t know where his granny, Ms. Gwennie is or even if she is alive still…He’s just a no count nobody right? After all, this Mr. Carlos Santos is a pillar of the community. Everybody loooooves him. He is such nice man.

I didn’t want to have to talk about this because when it comes to Kenny, his life has always been difficult and I knew that it would just bring back a flood of memories and feelings. You see, Kenny is my cousin. I was there when his mother Arlene Kuylen met his father. She was a tragic figure herself, an illegitimate child for my Uncle Eric Kuylen, (he died during my 4th and my brother’s 1st joint birthday party) being raised with her brother “AK”by our spinster Aunt Olive Kuylen. She was brown and poor; her cousins, rich and white. When I was three, we went to live with them while my father studied in Jamaica.  I was the passport when she went to meet Kenny’s father. She would tell my aunt that she was taking me for a “walkabout” when really she was meeting him. She was giggly and happy, in love. When she got pregnant, I was there stroking her hair as she cried because my aunt was yelling and cussing. I remember her squeezing me so tight I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t dare tell her because I loved her so much. (Yes, I do have memories from waaay back…I remember crawling on the black and white floors in the house in Jamaica. It can be a curse and a blessing.)

But of course, everyone got over it and Kenny was Christmas and random visits in the evening on the farm. His father died when Kenny was very young from complications of diabetes. They moved away and the visits became far and few. But that didn’t mean we didn’t know about Kenny. We all worried about Kenny because his step father was a very violent man. A few times, Arlene would run to us to get away from him. But she would go back so we tried to be there for Kenny even if indirectly. She and my mom were very close so that eventually when she moved to Belize City, my mom was able to get her a job working for her uncle at HL’s Burger. When I was in sixth form I would visit her and get my $2 burger. My paternal grandmother made sure she sent Kenny clothes and shoes and of course, candy. Bless her heart. When Kenny was 17, he met us again and it was like the first time because he did not remember us at all. He was ecstatic to find out who “his people” were. He went to the cayes and got to be a “Kuylen” for the first time in his life.

We lost contact after that because we moved out of the country so all we knew was the violent deaths of his mother and sister. It’s funny how murder can separate rather than bring you together but that is what happened. We drifted apart because of the pain…and Kenny went on to live his own life, we, ours.

And now this.

I don’t want to unfairly accuse Mr. Carlos Santos if this truly was an accident and he really did get blinded by the light and hit Kenny. If that is all to it then so be it. What I don’t want is a shitty investigation because Mr. Carlos Santos is a prominent member of his community and married to George Price’s niece. Rumours are flying about that he wasn’t even driving; that his daughter was and he is taking the blame. Another rumour is that he was drinking and driving….

I don’t “know” this…it is “yeriso”. But I am putting you people on notice. He deserves only the most thorough investigation done on his behalf. He was a police officer for god’s sake. One of you. It is what you do as brothers and sisters in this very special family. And while it is sad that an old man is the offender, if he were negligent or if he is lying on behalf of his daughter, they both need to be charged. Kenny was a person, a human being. He had family who loved him his whole life. He mattered.

R.I.P. Kenny

Links to Kenny’s story:

Update On Kim Simplis Barrow’s Condition

First Lady, Kim Simplis Barrow

Belmopan. Thursday, 31st May, 2012.


Mrs. Barrow remains in the Intensive Care Unit at a Miami hospital receiving treatment for complications with her heart and fluid in her lungs. She is showing signs of improvement and is strengthening. It is expected that Mrs. Barrow will be transferred from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular hospital room in the next couple days. Prime Minister Dean Barrow remains by her side in Miami and is scheduled to return to Belize over the weekend.

The Prime Minister and his wife thank everyone for the continued prayers and support.



Kimberly Christine Longsworth Black: Featured Artist 05-10-12

Kimberly modeling an adult hat.

I have known Kimberly or Kimmy, KC (as I used to call her) since she was born. That’s ’cause she is the daughter of one of my favourite boy cousins Charles 🙂 Yes…I crushed haaaaard on him. Her parents, Charles Longsworth and Lisa Williams Longsworth Macias got married in Belize City, late one Friday evening and somewhere in some dusty old file cabinet is my signature as a witness on their marriage certificate. It is no wonder that Kimberly would become artistic when she grew up. Her “home” was Mom’s Triangle Inn on Handyside St., Belize City. Her pets were kitties and snakes (yes, snakes) with names like Whiskey and Brandy. Funny enough, both her grandmothers made their living by owning eateries. Elma’s has been in Belmopan since I could remember traveling on the bus. I couldn’t wait to jump off and grab a meat pie and ice cream from Auntie Elm’s. As a matter of fact, when I went to Belmopan this past March, I went and got my meatpies and the last conch fritter left. (Thanks Melito Zabaneh for letting me have it :))

I used to race home from SJC Sixth Form for lunch at Mom’s. Kimmy loved ice and fries so by the end of lunch, that high chair was a delish sloppy mess of dripping ketchup. Then I would put her in the sink and wash her off and get her ready for her noon nap…everyday like clock work. One of her favourite things to do was put her mouth right over the faucet and drink the water out of the tap 🙂 Well now Kimmy is a wife and mother of two adorable boys. She lives in California and has launched a charming business called KCB Custom Crochet.

Kimberly credits her grandma Elma Onofre for teaching her a basic chain when she was 7. I received a similar lesson from my grandmother Dorothy Longsworth too. But unlike me, Kimmy was very excited by this particular form of making clothes so she persisted and got her grandma to teach her much more than  basic techniques. At just 20, she has created her own business making the most adorable hats for babies and adults. I bought quite a few as Christmas gifts last year and everyone loved them. I asked her what inspires her everyday ans she said “My sons.” And I believe it! You should see the cute dragon hats she made for them!

One day I was brainstorming ways of spreading breast cancer awareness in support of our First Lady, Kim Simplis Barrow as well as my friend Raquel Battle, President and Founder of  The BlissfulSage Foundation when a little ding sounded. Why not ask Kimmy to make some pink hats that people could absolutely love wearing or giving as gifts AND still be promoting awareness at the same time????

SOoooooo, one month later, Twocanview and KCB Custom Crochet are launching an effort to raise funds and turn the spotlight on the fight against the devastation that breast cancer visits upon its victims and their families.  For every hat she sells, she will donate $5 in Kim Simplis Barrow’s name to the Belize Cancer Center Dangriga. We encourage everyone to please join us in this effort and if you just want to donate $$$ without making a purchase, please do! One one okra full up basket!!!!! Here’s an idea: those involved in fundraisers, buy a bunch of these to give away to your supporters!!!!

Please check out her other hats for sale too! They are soooooo kiuuuute! And if you have something specific you want her to design for you, she loves to collaborate with her clients on those kinds of projects. Just a thought: give out some beanies as favours at your toddler’s next birthday party. Can you imagine a bunch of lil dragons running around? or kitty cats? awwwwwwww…..She also makes purses and hair accessories.

Dragon hats Kim made for her sons.

UPDATE: Just How Nutz Is This Nut???? Who is John McAfee? by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

John McAfee

Full Article on McAfee:

There are people rising up to defend John McAfee by attacking the source of the works I quoted, saying it is mere speculation and there is no proof. One comment called me “judgmental” reminding me that those living in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.

WTF??? Really? LMAO! O Good Lordamerci! Why get so personal over a man neither of us knows???

I want to ask: how is it that I am being “judgmental” when I give information about John McAfee but those who threw this word around didn’t call what they were doing as “judgemental” when they presented their “information” about the GSU?  I love sharing information and receiving information but you can’t designate the very same action a different name just because it’s me and it’s you and it’s McAfee and it’s the GSU…info is info. That would be saying that while I shit, you spread joy and love even though we are both taking a dump on a toilet! And I quoted Channel 5 too…how come no comments or attacks on using them as a source HUH???? Biased much?

I didn’t focus on the GSU because really, that is a WHOLE OTHER article and I did talk about them in the context of THIS particular incident. MY PURPOSE WAS TO EXPOSE JOHN MCAFEE!!!

Don’t get it all twisted lovers! I could give a shit about the man for any possible personal reasons…don’t know him, will gain nothing by deliberately disparaging him, reiterating once more: I AINT GETTIN PAID FAH DIS and even if I were, is nuh mi style fi di lie fi nobadi, even mi own pickney! Ask dem! Mi mek dey get suspended and go dah court by demself when dey get ketch fi duh stupidness.

AND again with the accusations of being spin doctors! WTH???? What am I spinning???? I just did some background research on the man..because even if I nuh si di damn fish, AH SMELL IT!!!! And why is it when we question anydamnthing or anydamnbody mi hafi yer bout di paliticians dem just as corrupted and tief and dis and dat! Is mi tawkin bout dem ret now?????? LOOKYA! mi nah gat all day and needah do you fi di read all dat! Stick to di topic! Basic English Composition 101!!!!

Jeff Wise

With that said: Jeff Wise? the guy I used as my source? is not some random dude with no credibility…he is a respected author and contibutor to many reputable magazines and blogs, including The New York Times, Psychology Today, Men’s Healthto name a few. Check out his bio:

Jeff Wise faced his own critics when he wrote this article about McAfee and the magazine he wrote for got a lot of flack but he is sticking by his story and it would seem, with good reason. Here is his rebuttal to those attacking his article:

I don’t know people….perhaps it is your disappointment in the man that is evoking this reaction against me and Aria…that’s cool…but seriously….please…always know that we do come from only the best place when we write. We really do want to elevate our collective attitudes/belief systems/ethics to reflect integrity and intolerance of corruption. I’m only one person. I can’t DO more than I can do. While I can hold people accountable morally and ethically, I can’t enforce laws and prosecute criminals, perform heart surgeries and rescue cats outtah trees(btw seriously, that only seems to happen with American cats right??)

*sigh* I digress….you get my point. Please understand our purpose. Understand yours. That is the first step to eliminating a lot of the confusion and backlash we tend to get …At the same time, if you got a legit point and feel like arguing it (respectfully and always with humour, ain’t dat serious) BRING IT KITTIES!!!!

O yeah and BITE ME! LOL heeheheeeheheheeeee

Daily Dingelberry 04-28-12 Way to Miss Da Point Y’all

Take off the blinders, man.

My partner here at Twocanview wrote the article Legitimized in Belizean Society by Aria Lightfoot and nearly a 100 comments later on another page and a few others here and there on other pages, as well as here, there seems to be a deliberate misunderstanding of her point.

Aria was NOT and I will repeat it (because no matter how many times I said it or how many ways I said it, it was ignored), NOOOOOTTTT exploring HOW we came to have gangs. She was only pointing out that we Belizeans legitimize their activity in ways perhaps, we don’t even realize? Is that where the defensive opposition is coming from? A lack of realization of how many little ways we really do legitimize the drug dealers/gangs in our society?

Look. Legitimising doesn’t mean legalizing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are singing their praises to your children…some of the responses we got just made me feel like I had entered the Twilight Zone. So let’s explore what “legitimising” means.

-When you look the other way as one of your friends or family smokes a joint

– When you occasionally indulge in smoking a joint, snorting a line

-When you don’t show up to court as a witness in a case prosecuting one of these gang bangers

-When you think it is ok that the son of Mr. Soh and Soh “get off” for murder bc his family is soooo respected

-When you don’t call the cops when you just watched a crime being committed

-When you hear a domestic fight between a thug and his girl and you don’t call the cops because “da nuh nun a yer bizniz”.

-When you see a kid reach into his backpack and suspiciously palm something as he hands it off to your son.

-When you ask Mr. Soh and Soh for a donation for your youth program when you know where the money comes from.

-When you call the latest squeeze of Mr. Soh and Soh “Mrs.” and invite her to your fundraiser cause she will buy the $100 tickets

-When you admire their new car, their new house…their clothes

-When you let them buy you a drink or you go to their child’s birthday party, take you to the cayes, Can Cun

-When because his name is “brother” “son” “husband” you tell yourself “he isn’t all that bad”

-When you tell yourself “mek dey kill out deyself” thus making murder ok as long as it  is one of “them”.

I could go on and on but the point I am making is simply this: When you apply a different set of rules and standards for people because you secretly envy their material success or because you are afraid of retaliation or you simply want your cut, you legitimise gangbanging. It is not only the “gangbanging” itself. It is an entire set of behaviours, from misdemeanors to felonies.

You legitimise by NOT accepting that the gangbanger is not just the thug sagging his pants BUT it is Minister Soh and Soh. It is Mrs. Soh and Soh. The lone attitude that it is a minority in the depths of our city legitimises all the other ones living in Buttonwood Bay, San Pedro, Belmopan? By perpetuating the myth that it is the teenager riding barefooted on the bike, you are legitimizing the crooked lawyer you have dinner with or the business person you know is smuggling or money laundering.

People. The thug on the street is the symptom, the mere tip of the iceberg. If we want  to solve this so called “inner city” problem, you have to look at your mansions hidden in the hills along the Hummingbird Highway. You need to search the yachts docked in front of Placencia and San Pedro. You need to search the containers being shipped to churches. You need to turn in your friend the pilot who just flew a plane full of cocaine.

You need to get real. You need to get over your prejudices. You need to open your eyes and see what is right in front of you.