Mary K Cariddi Pushes For New Law

Mary K Cariddi, a long time volunteer and activist, is calling all Belizeans to please help her to get a new law passed. Jasmine Lowe, the little girl who was found murdered on Wednesday, was last seen getting into a taxi on Monday afternoon. She was supposed to go to her mother’s salon to get ready for that evening’s Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

The fact that there is no uniformity in taxi cabs in Belize made getting an accurate description difficult. Mary wants to ensure that this sort of thing is never an impediment in an investigation ever again. She wants to make sure that we can be assured in knowing that we are dealing with honest, real cab drivers and not predators posing as one. Here is her proposal for Jasmine’s Taxi Law.

MORE McAfee…Aria Made Me Do It! 05-25-12

John McAfee

So I wasnt going to update you all about McAfee ’cause seriously…don’t we have a good picture by now that he is just out and out nuts? But several people sent me new articles, including my husband and my brother, so ARIA made me update you all! LOL

In the first one, he tries to appeal to our sympathies but really…it just comes across as a desperate ploy. Still, did you know that there are no toilets in the jail cells in Belize? Who knew you had to use a cut up milk jug???? That needs to change….and no beds? What the hell? Sux for you!

The second one explores his background a little more…I had no idea he was British! From Gloucestershire! Can you even pronounce that???

Happy reading lovers! AND pretty please, go tell those very concerned ladies who were so ashamed of backwards Belize and who thought we should APPOINT McAfee to discuss the Superbond ALLLLLLL about these articles….pleease? They are so concerned and realllllly should know how he is doing. LMAO OMG SMH I would put more acronyms but you get the point…wait…one more: ROTFLMAO

Daily Dingleberry 05-22-12 Out of Gas

I’m running on E here….not much that has happened recently that I haven’t talked about…mocked…questioned….so I’m just saying hi and asking if anyone out there has something he/she wants to hear about…


Meanwhile…why are the Maturas’ being killed off? Is there something I’m missing? It is toooooo sad when a child is caught in grownup games. Belize is just too small for all this shooting and killing…it’s like the Wild Wild West down there : lawless and under the control of a few egotistical maniacs…


Anybody know? I’m trying to find out but as usual, the news only go as far as Friday…Belize stop fi di weekend and it was a long rather than rely on rumours…I gotta wait…

Belizean Stage Not Big Enough For McAfee! Taking His Poppy Show INTERNATIONAL!!!!

John McAfee


And I quote:

“As of noon, today….I will no longer be speaking to the Belizean press the dialog between myself and the Government of Belize deserves a larger stage, and a press that is not aligned with local politics….it is time for cooler heads to consider our dialog, and time for a larger audience.”

John McAfee, Channel 7 News, Belize

LMAO!!!!! WTH??????? What does he expect to get? Nobody gives a shit about this crap internationally?! As a matter of fact, he might wanna siddown and STFU ’cause the scuttlebutt is that the IRS is very interested in his ASSets!

Aye…this is getting sad ’cause it is hard to make fun of someone you suspect of being kinda gone in the head, ya know?

Links to latest and previous articles:

Update Numbah 2 John McAfee Dishes Up More Crap 05-11-12

John McAfee

So remember in the interview with Jeff Wise, John McAfee said that he was trying to apply his knowledge of computer viruses to figuring out viruses that plague us human beings? Remember how he proudly showed Mr. Wise his “lab” and his leading research scientist  on quorum sensing? Well according to the San Pedro Sun, he was manufacturing “antiseptics” not “antibiotics“. WOW. I am like stunned because this man really believes that we are that dumb as to not know the difference as well as it was in his own words that he said he was trying to develop antibiotics using quorum sensing or did I read it wrong and misinterpreted what he meant? So he was really trying to make antiseptics using bacteria??? uhmmmm…ok but I think I will stick to Clorox bleach….

For the full interview in the San Pedro Sun:

For the previous articles on John McAfee:

And the previous update on that article:

Daily Dingleberry 05-09-12 BELIZE SHITTY

‘Tis indeed a small world. I went to get my hair “did” yesterday and normally I don’t talk but one of my challenges this year for myself is to engage in small talk and to just let people know I appreciate them. So, somehow we got to where I’m from and I said Belize and she goes “O my gosh! I’ve been there.” So I ventured to ask where hoping it was like San Pedro or Caye Caulker and then she said, struggling to appear neutral, “Belize City.” And I saw the look on her face and I burst out laughing. I said, ‘O I’m so sorry. Why did you go there? Nobody goes there for a vacation!” And she said that it was the cruise ship. They were dropped off and told to go explore Belize City. SERIOUSLY???? Whose stupid idea is this??? I mean, even we locals hate going to the city.

She said that she didn’t want to give me the wrong idea. She learned a lot and came to appreciate that she really does have life good and that she is very glad she lives where she lives. She and her family took a guided tour in the seedy and then more wealthy areas (turns out it was definitely Buttonwood Bay). She said she felt scared and knew that had it not been for her family she would not have even gotten into the cab. She said she definitely felt “eyed” and threatened. She liked the chicken with the “sauce” on the rice but was afraid to try it at first, then glad she had. I asked her if she got to go to the islands and she said that she knows that there are beautiful beaches and that people have destination weddings but she never even got close to a beach.

Here is the thing. I understand that the tourist village was built to drive $$$ into the city in an attempt to create jobs and a sustainable economy but did we shoot ourselves in the foot? By highlighting our crime ridden and bullet gutted city, we provide a very narrow and frightening view of our country to tourists. This creates a negative press we may not have anticipated. That girl and her family (6 of them) will never entertain coming back and you can damn be sure they are not going to send anyone else. Multiply that by a couple thousand every week or so??????

*sigh* Any ideas on how to do this differently?

UPDATE: Just How Nutz Is This Nut???? Who is John McAfee? by Fayemarie Anderson Carter

John McAfee

Full Article on McAfee:

There are people rising up to defend John McAfee by attacking the source of the works I quoted, saying it is mere speculation and there is no proof. One comment called me “judgmental” reminding me that those living in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.

WTF??? Really? LMAO! O Good Lordamerci! Why get so personal over a man neither of us knows???

I want to ask: how is it that I am being “judgmental” when I give information about John McAfee but those who threw this word around didn’t call what they were doing as “judgemental” when they presented their “information” about the GSU?  I love sharing information and receiving information but you can’t designate the very same action a different name just because it’s me and it’s you and it’s McAfee and it’s the GSU…info is info. That would be saying that while I shit, you spread joy and love even though we are both taking a dump on a toilet! And I quoted Channel 5 too…how come no comments or attacks on using them as a source HUH???? Biased much?

I didn’t focus on the GSU because really, that is a WHOLE OTHER article and I did talk about them in the context of THIS particular incident. MY PURPOSE WAS TO EXPOSE JOHN MCAFEE!!!

Don’t get it all twisted lovers! I could give a shit about the man for any possible personal reasons…don’t know him, will gain nothing by deliberately disparaging him, reiterating once more: I AINT GETTIN PAID FAH DIS and even if I were, is nuh mi style fi di lie fi nobadi, even mi own pickney! Ask dem! Mi mek dey get suspended and go dah court by demself when dey get ketch fi duh stupidness.

AND again with the accusations of being spin doctors! WTH???? What am I spinning???? I just did some background research on the man..because even if I nuh si di damn fish, AH SMELL IT!!!! And why is it when we question anydamnthing or anydamnbody mi hafi yer bout di paliticians dem just as corrupted and tief and dis and dat! Is mi tawkin bout dem ret now?????? LOOKYA! mi nah gat all day and needah do you fi di read all dat! Stick to di topic! Basic English Composition 101!!!!

Jeff Wise

With that said: Jeff Wise? the guy I used as my source? is not some random dude with no credibility…he is a respected author and contibutor to many reputable magazines and blogs, including The New York Times, Psychology Today, Men’s Health , to name a few. Check out his bio:

Jeff Wise faced his own critics when he wrote this article about McAfee and the magazine he wrote for got a lot of flack but he is sticking by his story and it would seem, with good reason. Here is his rebuttal to those attacking his article:

I don’t know people….perhaps it is your disappointment in the man that is evoking this reaction against me and Aria…that’s cool…but seriously….please…always know that we do come from only the best place when we write. We really do want to elevate our collective attitudes/belief systems/ethics to reflect integrity and intolerance of corruption. I’m only one person. I can’t DO more than I can do. While I can hold people accountable morally and ethically, I can’t enforce laws and prosecute criminals, perform heart surgeries and rescue cats outtah trees(btw seriously, that only seems to happen with American cats right??)

*sigh* I digress….you get my point. Please understand our purpose. Understand yours. That is the first step to eliminating a lot of the confusion and backlash we tend to get …At the same time, if you got a legit point and feel like arguing it (respectfully and always with humour, ain’t dat serious) BRING IT KITTIES!!!!

O yeah and BITE ME! LOL heeheheeeheheheeeee

Daily Dingleberry 04-27-12 Misery LOVES Company

Hey! YOU! Yes, YOU!

Lookya! O^O

Belize has been getting a lot of negative press and for good reason. What is ironic is that many Belizeans quick fuh hallah dat govament nuh di duh dey job! Tymes haaaaaad! People tieeeeeef! Police corrrrrrupt! And then when they get put in the limelight by international agencies, instead of rising up and hollering “yes! Da tru! Da tru!” uno run inna uno hole and play victim.

My point? Why do we obsess about bad press? Why do we create hysteria and give this horrible impression that everybody is starving and dying and basically living in squalor?

Check out the Facebook updates: smiling people at the bar, the beach, Cancun???? Fancy ride, pretty house, lush gardens? And how did you upload those pictures? On your iPhone….not cheap people so…methinks you do complain too damn much.

SO! I will re feature a lovely story from Channel 7 about someone who beat the odds and has quite the frank discussion about his childhood, the ramifications and how he overcame his “demons” as he calls them: Dr. Leroy Almendarez