More Questions as the Investigation into Jasmine’s Death Continues by: Aria Lightfoot

Jamine Lowe-murdered

Today marks only eight days since little Jasmine has been gone and the country is plagued with so many other homicides that Jasmine’s may become a fading memory to some.  The trail has seemingly gone cold as the entire investigation seemed focused on a white taxi that turned out to be a dead end maybe. Rumors are swirling of a new focus in the investigation. Could the police be pulling at straws?  Additionally, according to Plus TV, someone burned the area where the body was found undoubtedly burning away crucial evidence in Jasmine’s case, especially if some expert decided to go back and restart the process.  However, I want to go back and review the information that we actually know.Jasmine went missing on June 4, 2012 at around 2 pm.

Jasmine body was discovered on June 6, 2012 in an advanced stage of decomposition.

The fact that her decomposition was described as advanced after only two days have my brain in knots.   I did some research online and found some information from a forensic research lab called the body farm.  The research facility is geared at creating a body atlas for law enforcement to help them determine the time of death based on decomposition of the body.   See more at  (Be warned the graphics are graphic).

Here are some questions I have regarding the investigation.

  1. What hour was Jasmine actually last seen by her parents?  Did mom check to see if she was at home before she left for the day?  Many times parents walk out assuming the child is safely and soundly sleeping.
  2. Did anyone see Jasmine leave home?
  3. Did Jasmine actually leave her home and walk the path described, or was she just supposed to walk that path?
  4. Is it possible she was offered her a ride to her destination and she was picked up at home?
  5. Is it possible she took a different path that day?
  6. Could she have stopped to visit a “friend” along her journey?
  7. Did she ever complain of getting unwanted attention from some adult?
  8. The people who claim to have seen her that day; could they be mistaken with the time of day?
  9. Is it possible she died earlier than stated?
  10. How long was she away from all supervision?
  11. Is it possible that the abductor rode around with her in the trunk while creating an alibi?
  12. Did anyone check her phone records?
  13. Did the police walk the same path she was supposed to take and take note of the regular faces along her path and question all the potential witnesses that would see her take that route the day?
  14. Will the police get any international expert help in this case?

I realize that the police are overwhelmed by the deteriorating crime situation in Belize and they have limited resources.  I also appreciate that we have limited facilities to help aid with this investigation; however, the life of a child is gone. There is a predator out there.  If we create a chart with all the missing young girls and the areas along the western highway where their bodies were dumped, maybe a pattern will start emerging of a possible serial killer who moves with invisible dangerous stealth along the highway looking for a moment to strike at a vulnerable young victim. We need to start asking, who among us can move and pick up young girls without creating an air of suspicion?

Consider this serial killer in Columbia, who after this story was written, was released from prison and remains at large today.  Get an insider view as to how a serial killer hunts their victims:

The Mishandling of Jasmine Lowe’ Investigation Part 2 by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe

I spoke to my source close to the investigation last night to get a feel of what is happening now. The pathologist (not forensic pathologist) could not determine a cause of death.  Not surprising, he is not an expert in that field of forensics, so I learned last night.  And BTW, Belize law does not require a forensic specialist to examine murdered bodies; only a medical doctor is needed. Meaning, he was never trained to determine cause of death that is not obvious. I feel like my head is spinning. I feel like screaming WTF.  Can this murder even be solved, if they cannot establish a murder even happened? Everything following that evaluation seems to be a big waste of time.

According to my source, the police are looking for blood and fingerprinting evidence in the car they impounded to find clues that may link little Jasmine presence in the taxi.  Sounds good right? WRONG.  Let me remind you that they didn’t take any evidence from Jasmine. No fluids or fingerprinting, no rape kits, nada so making that link would be a feat even gods would find impossible. Not to mention, as Faye stated in her dingle berry,  the investigating officer is making wide assumptions about what happened based on observations he can neither prove nor disprove.

So now they have a “suspect” who may or may not be the murderer. The public fears are somewhat alleviated. Please don’t let your guard down now. At this stage, the public need to be very cautious and aware as to the person the police presents to them.  The police is desperate for a solution making the environment ripe for a scapegoat.  Criminals in Belize laugh at our poor investigative skills.

So we reach the point where we take the defendant to court. Enter the defense attorney.  Remember, a person is innocent until proven otherwise. It is the State’s job to prove him guilty.  The state cannot even establish a murder happened. According to the pathologist, he cannot establish a cause of death.  How do we know how she died? She could have died from a sunstroke! I don’t mean to be facetious but in court, it is not what you know, it is what you can prove.  The most essential part of the case is ruined unless they can determine conclusively that she was in fact murdered.

My Belizeans, it is not only about attending the vigils and crying and complaining. It is about asking the right questions, demanding action and becoming an active and vigilant member of society. Political will comes from the people.  When people are arrested for murders, find out what the pathologist did; what evidence and procedures were followed. Ask the police what protocols they followed. Find out the applicable laws. We cannot allow “professionals” to be beyond reproach anymore, since I recently discovered the man reporting on’ causes of death’ is no professional in forensics. Our children, families, neighbors and fellow citizens’ deaths are turning into sad unresolved statistics.  Your family WILL be next  if this continues unabated.

I make a desperate plea to members of the Belize Bar Association with police background to come on board and help fix our broken system.  I call on all politicians to take off their political hats and put on their Belizean one to solve this crisis. As I write this, two more bodies have been found, possibly the two teenage boys missing. Their cause of death will be obvious, since it appears they were shot. What about little Jasmine?  We still have no idea how she died and what she endured.

We are a part of a greater plan in this world, even if we don’t know our purpose.  It seems that it took the murder of little Jasmine to move us as a nation; she is the sacrificial angel we needed to realize that our antiquated laws do not equip the police and prosecutors to fight these murderers who rein free in Belize. I am mad at everyone, including myself, to be in slumber for so long, but finger pointing causes this. It takes away your personal responsibility and cast it elsewhere.  Please do not lose sight of this movement for Jasmine.

Tonight the nation will mourn collectively as vigils all over the country are taking place. All will begin at  6pm. Everyone is asked to bring a candle and a white T-Shirt to show solidarity. Let the conversations begin there.

San Ignacio/Santa Elena – in front of Police Station

Belmopan – National Assembly

Belize City – Battlefield Park

Punta Gorda- Central Park

Placencia – in front of Police Station

The Mishandling of Jasmine Lowe’s Investigation by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe – murdered victim of a child predator

Today I am overwhelmed with so many emotions.  I spoke to someone last night on the condition of anonymity (have not slept since then) who revealed some information about the investigation of Jasmine Lowe that causes me to believe that Belize is heading down a very dire path.  I trust this source, so I am going out on a ledge with my rant. When a state can no longer protect its citizens, people will become dangerous citizens of the state.

I was told that the forensic expert could not make a determination as to the cause of death just two days later. He did not extract any fluids from the child to conduct a DNA analysis. No fingernail analysis, no rape kit…nada.  I really cannot believe that “Mr. Death by asphyxiation” did not make at least that determination. In fact, in all my years I can remember, his “expert opinion” has mostly been inconclusive or asphyxiation, unless it is obvious the bullet is exiting the brain.

I have watched enough autopsy stories by Dr. Baden on HBO to know that Belize needs to start replacing inept and dysfunctional entities from top decision making position with post haste.    Two days later, they cannot extract evidence and the child is hurriedly buried?   What is the point of having an incompetent person leading our forensic investigation?  Does he lack the necessary up to date training? Has he seen so many dead bodies that each death means nothing more to him?  Is he just lazy and complacent?  Did this death inconvenience his schedule? WAKE UP! People are seriously upset over this child’s death and the authorities NEED to understand this.

I was also told  that the police contaminated the scene and failed to collect the tire track marks. They failed to effectively preserve the crime scene and trampled all over it. I heard they were playful and were slow to initiate the search for the child.  If I were the Minister of Police, heads would be rolling right now. Everyone would stand in my office and justify to me why they should keep their jobs!  People blame the lack of prosecution, but how can you prosecute incompetence before a trained  defense attorney?

The Government is setting themselves up for a dangerous vigilante society.  As a former resident of the Belmopan, Cayo District, I can tell you growing up in our small gossiping society, we have a close family bond with our kids and residents. How do you think John Saldivar won Belmopan? He is a product of Belmopan. We look out for each other and I know San Ignacio and Santa Elena are no different. We are NOT like Belize City (sorry my city residents) where someone’s worth is measured by placement in society or economic status. We love all our residents and this monster killed one of the well-loved children of the Cayo District society.

Here is the synopsis my Belizean authorities. Even if someone is caught, based on the information I received, he WILL NOT be prosecuted; there WILL BE NO death penalty.  The evidence seems to have been mishandled and trampled. The memory of an angel may remain just that, a fleeting memory. These complacent individuals have become robots and lack empathy when investigating.

Do not stare in the camera reassuring Belizeans that this perpetrator will be caught, knowing that the investigation at this stage is useless.  Someone go and get evidence from that child before it is too late.  Someone hire a new forensic expert and my God get the police who actually give a damn to investigate every death; the ones who believe each and every life is important.  Reach out to the US Embassy and British Embassy for expert help and not just vehicle donations. It sounds like the father of the child may be an American citizen, if that is the case, the US should have an interest in investigating this case.

I have made this child my spiritual daughter.  She is haunting my thoughts and dreams. I speak because she no longer has a voice.  She expects and demands that the authorities in Belize properly investigate this crime,  respect her memory and take this monster off the street. The clues are within her….

Candlelight Vigil for Jasmine Lowe; We need your support.

The Cornerstone Foundation and the Scouts Association will be holding a candlelight vigil in memory of young  Jasmine Lowe.

When: Saturday 9th June 2012

Where:  In front of the San Ignacio  Police Station

Time:  Starting 7pm sharp

We need all to attend and support. Bring your candles and white t-shirts!  Let’s pray for our country and children.

There is a monster in our midst. The story of Jasmine’s demise by: Aria Lightfoot

Jasmine Lowe – victim of a child predator

The average person sees a young, lanky and carefree child going about her business. She laughs and finds simple joys in the innocent things in life. She may still play with dolls or dream up a marriage to her prince charming. She may still watch cartoons or chat all day with her giggly friends about insignificant consequences. She probably says a prayer every night as she fades into a dream state, her mind anxious to relive the day of hanging out with her friends and enjoying simple pleasures.

The child predator sees the same thing, except he has an unquenchable thirst filled with lust for the child he sees every day. So powerful is the feeling, he begins to stalk her, he knows everything about her. He salivates with every laugher and with each movement of her body, his loin throbs. He transforms into an animal. He loses all sensibilities and is motivated on pure unadulterated aching lust. His fixation seals her destiny. She remains innocent to a sadistic plan that will cause her demise. Each day seeing her, the compulsion to rape and kill grows and he becomes less human. Initially he attempts to fight the monster within and tries to adjust to some semblance of humanity; but he enjoys the pleasure of stalking and ruining innocence too much. The other victims left in his path paints a scary story. He has no internal conscience of right or wrong. He sits and waits for a window of opportunity.

On June 4, 2012, the window of opportunity opened up when Jasmine was spotted alone heading to meet her mom. He probably befriended her in the past, or may be a family friend or a familiar face. She felt an element of safety to accept his generosity to take her to her mom. He was elated his plan was coming to fruition. He drives off with young innocent Jasmine into oblivion leaving behind a traumatized country frantically, desperately and prayerfully demanding her safe return. As night drew nearer, the father, family and friends feels a surreal panicked fear knowing Jasmine would never just run off.

Jasmine probably told her abductor he missed the turn. He pretends to have made a mistake or probably convinced her that he needed to do something else first. An instinctive fear probably builds in her as she knows something is wrong. He offers to calm her down and maybe even offer some treat to her. He drives her to a safe place. A place other victims have seen before. A place where he fulfills his despicable inhumane desires.

He takes pleasure ripping away everything innocent in her. All her moments of happiness destroyed. Her soul leaves her fragile, battered and ravaged body. He savours as life escapes her …then she takes her last gasp for air; her eyes become dim as he temporarily satisfies his insatiable thirst. He no longer has any use for her, so he dumps her body on the Cristo Rey road.

He drives off, probably not even looking back. He could care less that he stole Jasmine’s innocence, life, and future. He could care less that he robbed a community of its peace of mind. He could careless that he devastated a family. Where was all this concern when his innocence was stolen? He probably headed back to a viewing area looking at the kids running around and laughing and playing…suddenly his attention is drawn to a young, pretty, twelve year old giggling with her friends…he feels a familiar stirring..

I perused the internet for child serial killers and chatted with a person who is a behavioral specialist. It is horrifying what these men admit to. Many come from very disturbing origins and kill without remorse. Many get an intense pleasure from living and killing in the their communities. He may be a psychopath. For more on how psychos see

Don’t be surprised if the monster is someone you would least expect, and may explain why he has been able to move around undetected. He may be well respected and may be wishing the family his “sincere” condolences while smirking inside. He may be your family or friend. He may be a “stable” family man with his own children. He will be monitoring the news and social sites for the latest. There is no picture of who he is. It is the biggest secret he keeps to himself and it gives him immense pleasure that he knows the answer while the entire community is left in a state of shock and despair. There is a monster in the midst….he will strike again!

Very Sad Update: Missing Child Murdered

Jasmine Lowe will never graduate from high school. Her family will never see her change into a beautiful woman. They will never see her go to college or get married because some sick disgusting scum of the earth bastard has ended it all.  My sincere and deepest condolences to the family. Police have confirmed to me that they recently discovered her body….I will write more when I know more!   Tears as I update this! I am mad..mad!

Missing Child from Cayo District -Jasmine Lowe – Please share with everyone!!!

Jasmine Lowe

A 13 year old girl has been reported missing from Santa Elena, Cayo district. The girls name is Jasmin Lowe 5 feet in height, clear complexion, dark hair, speaks english and spanish, her dad is CChris lowe owner of Fruit A Plenty and her mo…m’s name is Marisol who works at Maras beauty Salon. The child left her house yesterday Monday June 4h to do her nails with her mom and the child never reached her destination. if anybody knows aout her whreabouts kindly call the uncle at 6649517. Thank you all for your contribution.
Family Plea:

The Truce written by: Aria Lightfoot

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

Has a truce been reached? it appears so.  On May 12, 2012 The Prime Minister delivered a key note address in commemoration of Belize Bank’s 25th Anniversary of Banking in Belize.  It was reported that Lord Ashcroft was in attendance.  While the Prime Minister’s speech does not mention Ashcroft by name, there are certain clues in the speech which indicates that the Prime Minister has become weary of the endless litigation.

Belize is burdened with a global recession affecting our economy;  a debt burden crushing our standard of living;  escalating violence fueled by the drug and weapons trade;  the widening gap between rich and poor;  countless citizens suffering from  mental  health and medical problems; poor law enforcement and prosecution and many other issues. Belize does not have time or resources for endless litigation.  We need leadership whose agenda is focused on problem solving.

The truce seemed to cause quite a stir amongst members of the opposition.  In Godfrey Smith‘s article Ashcroft-Barrow Détente in Flashpoint, he eloquently speculates or maybe gives an insider’s perspective on the renewed relationship between Ashcroft and the Prime Minister.  After all Godfrey Smith was one of Ashcroft litigators and would probably have knowledge regarding the litigation intentions of the Lord.   Once you get beyond the eloquence, politics and flair of Smith’s essay, he makes a solid point excerpted from one of his previous writings.  ” In protracted battles in which opponents are roughly evenly matched, a truce is sometimes declared to save money, time and resources, the initial fit of egotistical pique that precipitated the battle having succumbed to the reality of the pointlessness of it. “  I dont think it was pointless however. I believe it was necessary to curb the insatiable greed of investors’ feeding frenzy upon our rich resources in Belize.

My personal speculation is that the truce is the result of waning hope regarding the legal challenges to the general elections results. The opposition’s hopes of  gaining power through the court system is unlikely and many Belizeans of all political faiths have accepted that the United Democratic Party is the Government of Belize for the next five years,  including Lord Ashcroft.  Stagnating the government and economy with numerous litigation is counter-productive to Ashcroft’s businesses also, so the time for fighting has seemingly ended.

And now that the olive branch or tree (as some joked) has been extended, I assume the litigating attorneys are no longer needed, maybe the reason for the outcry? Who knows!    I can only hope the country and people of Belize wins in this scenario. My hope is for better laws and oversight when it comes to investment and investors in our jewel.  According to the Prime Minister “[a] banking and financial system occupies a crucial place in any economy, and so special rules are put in place for its management and regulation. And any government will hope for smooth and cooperative relations among the entities serving the business community and general public in the financial sector.”

I applaud the Prime Minster for offering an olive branch.   The Prime Minister made a pledge to the business community to work towards fostering an atmosphere conducive for investments.  As the Prime Minister said in his speech ” It is no secret…confrontation rather than cooperation has been, in at least one case, too much the Belizean norm…. This is discomfiting all round and a large dose of shared goodwill is now required to address the problem.”

Lord Ashcroft has implanted his fangs deeply into the veins of our society and is one of the most prominent businessmen in Belize. Belize Bank “[is] perhaps the major source of financing for the productive sector in this nation, and that it currently represents some 40% of the banking system.”  (PM speech 5/12/2012)  I believe that both the Prime Minister and Ashcroft have come to the realization that a working relationship is better than no relationship or worse, an embattled relationship.  My eyes are now wide open on Ashcroft reemergence in our society. I implore Belizeans to sleep with one eye shut.

Below is the Prime Minister Speech delivered to Belize Bank and also a link to Godfrey Smith’s article in Flashpoint.

The Prime Minister of Belize Speech delivered on May 12, 2012 at the Radisson Fort George on the 25th Anniversary of Belize Bank.

I am happy to have been asked to make some brief remarks on this occasion celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Belize Bank. That first step ramified, of course, and led later to the establishment of the Belize Bank Group of Companies, so very much a part of the banking and commercial life of our country.

 Now twenty five years of unbroken successful operation is an event worthy of note in the life of any business enterprise. But one must also add to this the fact that the Belize Bank has been perhaps the major source of financing for the productive sector in this nation, and that it currently represents some 40% of the banking system. Clearly, then, we are talking about an institution of which, generally, management and staff can be proud.

And there is even more. Because, in truth, the institution is more than 25 years old. Indeed, this 25th anniversary merely represents the length of time during which it has been operating under the Belize Bank name. So that in fact the institution is closer to 110 years old, having been established in 1902 as the Bank of British Honduras. Then in 1912 it became a part of the Royal Bank of Canada, operating as the local branch of this multinational until 1987 when it was bought by the current owners and rebadged as the Belize Bank. It must be with a sense of great satisfaction, then, that the management, staff and clients of this bank look back at its long past, and look forward to its even longer future. 

 But pride of place in the financial system of Belize as the country’s largest and oldest bank, also carries a heavy responsibility. Management and staff must work extra hard to maintain that coveted number one position. And that work must be undertaken and that position maintained in a manner that sets an example in the best traditions of banking. This means providing top quality advice to clients; it means speed and efficiency in financial transactions; and it means preserving reliability, confidentiality and, above all, stability. Potential borrowers and investors must be confident that at all times the bank will offer effective, hand-holding guidance. And depositors must equally know that their funds are always being studiously safeguarded.

A banking and financial system occupies a crucial place in any economy, and so special rules are put in place for its management and regulation. And any government will hope for smooth and cooperative relations among the entities serving the business community and general public in the financial sector. Even more important, the state will want to see an ordered and mutually supportive relationship between the financial system players and the financial system regulators. It is no secret, though, that in this regard confrontation rather than cooperation has been, in at least one case, too much the Belizean norm in recent times. This is discomfiting all round and a large dose of shared goodwill is now required to address the problem.

The fact is that the regulator has a job to do, and is given financial oversight authority by the laws of the land. On the other hand, that authority should never be exercised in a bull-in-a-china-shop fashion. Sensitivity, as well as firmness, is required. Now nobody is naive enough to expect that the regulatory relationship will never turn adversarial. But the occasions when this happens must be the exception rather than the rule. And a financial system cannot function properly in a climate of unceasing litigation. A way must, therefore, be found out of this thicket, this briar patch.

 Global banking standards of prudence and stability must be upheld, but without imposing requirements on institutions that are impossible for them to meet. Of course, where individual institutions have, through past practices, put themselves in especially difficult positions, they must be prepared to take extraordinary measures to extricate themselves. Again, I reiterate that it is always a question of balance. Matters are not helped by certain negative developments in banking worldwide, which have understandably resulted in a regulatory mindset to err, if anything, on the side of caution. In that context it is hard to get away from the general requirement for increasing capitalization in order to reduce risk. The recent financial crisis has seen governments, including those of the United States and the United Kingdom, injecting previously unheard of amounts of capital into private banks. It is a situation that we cannot afford here in Belize. And it is worth remembering that the debacle abroad was in large measure caused by regulators operating in a light touch, almost laissez faire manner, resulting in grossly inadequate supervision.

But the effort to avoid a replication of that scenario in our country is complicated by a reliance on provisioning arrangements that are no longer effective for non-performing loans. So those arrangements needed to be changed. But not in a way as to suck all the air out of the system, depriving both the banking and business sector of oxygen. It must be clear by now that I am asking for some sort of middle ground between commercial banks and the regulator. And striking the right balance is not nearly as Jesuitical an exercise as might first appear. If the ultimate authority of the Central Bank is respected, and the Central Bank in turn is realistic and flexible, a via media can indeed be found.  Government, as the ultimate custodian of the public welfare, is-needless to say-ready to help. So I declare tonight to the Belize Bank that we fully expect it to partner with us, to use its leadership role, its ingenuity and its resources, to help find a way out of the impasse. And that is the note on which I close, congratulating the bank once again as we look to a new beginning that will signal its continuing success; and the expansion of its large and, we hope, always positive footprint.

Flashpoint article : Ashcroft-Barrow Détente written by Godfrey Smith on May 14, 2012

A nation in crisis by: Aria Lightfoot

In the year 2030, it is estimated that 42% of Americas will be obese.  The dire health effects of such a prediction is billions of US dollars treating preventable diseases. In Belize our diet and lifestyle is starting to reflect the US.  McDonalds, Dominos Pizza and KFC are inching closer to Belizeans’ reach.  I am not sure what the statistics are for Belize, but it is evident that we are a nation with a health crisis.    Obesity causes diabetes (#1 killer of Belizeans); Kidney problems, heart disease, strokes, certain cancers, sick days from work, more hospital and doctor visits,  lower immunity, self esteem issues and an impaired quality of life.

We are a fun-loving, drinking, enjoying great tasting food culture of people in Belize, however,  we cannot sustain our health with carefree living and eating. We are dying too young.   It is imperative that we begin to address our health crisis and teach our children the importance of daily exercise and making important food choices.

I use to play basketball and volleyball, didn’t have a weight issue but trust me when I say, I love food. After moving to the US in a more sedentary lifestyle I have packed on the pounds.  I know what I should do but eating good food , drinking sweet drinks and excusing myself from working out eventually took its toll. I am determined to do something about it.  One doctor on NBC challenged people to  look around and see how many Fat old people there are. Obese people die about 20 to 30 years earlier.   And it is not only early death, it is reduced quality of life with chronic illness.  We have to stop blaming genes, or celebrating “bigness” because it takes away from personal responsibility.  We are responsible for the food we bring into our homes and the foods we shove into our mouths.

Admittedly it is not only the American food. We have some very delicious food in Belize with very high sodium content, no real veggies and we drink a lot of soda and alcohol.  Rice/beans, potato salad, panades, garnaches, ducunu, meat pie, potato pound, bread pudding, chow mien, fry chicken, fries, and soda should not be our daily food intake.  We are slowly poisoning our system and we need to take control.

Presently in the United States, the Federal Government predicts an expensive crisis developing. They are attempting to starve off the effects of obesity with educational advertisements which encourages parents to let kids play outdoors for at least an hour daily. The First Lady of the United States has made it her mission to get people off their fat asses.  Please see for some tips and ideas of what a healthy daily meal should look like.  The food pyramid has been replaced with the food plate so that people can see how their plate should look when having meals. 


 The Ministry of Health in Belize has a nutrition page at  Your health is one of the most important aspect of your life and worth the investment.  You control your well being. Not your fat family. Stop making excuses. 

The benefits of working out and eating right are: longer life, less chronic diseases, active healthy  life, less stress, a higher sex libido and stamina;  and according to Doctor Oz, for every 30 pounds a man loses, he gains an inch in penis size.J Men and women can appreciate that benefit!

I am presently engaged in a twelve week challenge to redefine my eating and working out habits. I belong to a support group with professional trainers and nutritionist. I am trying to break old habits and get back to the days when I would go hiking, running, swimming, basketball, volleyball and feeling alert and feeling healthy. I encourage everyone today to start the first step to healthier you and please teach your children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Other beneficial websites are:;